Conceptualization to functional parts

Additive manufacturing

From lab-scale to industrial-scale, we are constantly expanding our AM systems fleet to cover a wide range of polymer & organic/inorganic applications for quick-turn prototyping and short production runs.


Material development

We are specialized in material development for Additive Manufacturing technologies, including Fused Filament Fabrication, Vat Photopolymerization, Direct Ink Writing, Binder Jetting, Robocasting and electrospinning technologies. Our target is to provide on-demand solutions for advanced applications through custom material compositions to improve feedstock material additivation as well as to introduce advanced properties in final parts.

Biomedical applications and in-vitro studies

Our expertise in in-vitro studies assists on the manufacturing of safe products, through cell-based assays as a toxicity screening tool.
We develop 2D and 3D cell cultures systems, 3D printed
scaffolds for tissue engineering and microfluidic devices. 
Furthermore, we expand our activities on medical 3D printing
such as 3D models for surgery preparation, moulds for
implants, personalized orthotic and assistive devices.

Male scientist in a cleanroom laboratory
Abstract shape 3D render

Computational design and analysis

Our expertise on computation design and analysis revolves around highly customizable product development, predictive models, and performative design, as well as digitization of physical models for further development. Bio-inspired algorithmic procedures, physics simulation engines, generative design, and optimization through evolutionary solvers are some of our extended R&D interests and capabilities.