3D Printing Services

On demand fabrication of 3D printed objects in all sectors of everyday life can be achieved either by replicating objects through 3D scanning or by designing from scratch a 3D model. BioG3D’s goal is to deliver high-value design services, product materialization and rapid prototyping services to clients everywhere to facilitate new products market entrance.

BioG3D employs a wide variety of materials with varying compositions, colors and textures, to deliver customised objects and products with smart functionalities.

You just have to describe your idea and let our experts make it a reality!

Toxicological evaluations

BioG3D is engaged with Toxicological evaluations of any type of engineered material (macro-, micro- and nano-scale) in terms of human and environmental hazards. Our expertise in in vitro studies will assist you on rendering your manufacturing ideas in real Safe products.

Enhance the confidence of consumers and relevant stakeholders and confront the inherent public mistrust to new technologies, by bringing to the market new products with certified safety.

Specialized Services

R&D Department

Collaboration with the School of Chemical Engineering, NTUA

Our R&D department works in close collaboration with the School of Chemical Engineering from NTUA, to provide innovative “smart” materials as feedstock materials for 3D printing and thus cover all possible customers requirements and provide innovative technological solutions.

Participation in European and national funded research projects.

BioG3D expands its research activities by participating in European funded research projects.
Some of our specialized services includes:
– 3D Printing of Hybrid Scaffolds for Biological Applications targeting Tissue Engineering
– 3D Printing of personalized Drug Delivery Systems
– Development of composite filaments with Nano-additives to achieve specific functionalities
– Development of smart processor cooling systems with increased effectiveness
– Development of 3D microfluidic MEMS for Lab-on-a-Chip applications
– Development of personalised medical assistive devices with anti-microbial properties

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