SMARTFAN proposes the development of “smart” material and product architectures, with integrated functionalities, that will interact with their environment and react to stimuli by employing biomimetic, self-sensing, actuating and damage-repairing technologies.

Within SMARTFAN project, BioG3D is responsible for the design and development of components of a 3D printed processor cooling system with smart functionalities such as improved heat flow and self-morphing properties, by employing the composite filaments fabricated within the project. Pre-programmed architectures with autonomous self-morphing properties and controlled bending functions are implemented by introducing dual material auxetic patterns and continuous fiber reinforcement. Design specifications are optimised to achieve increased functionality in terms of optimal heat and air flow through responsiveness to thermal stimuli. BioG3D has also established a pilot line for manufacturing 3D printed bioinspired structures, by incorporating FFF 3D printing system, 3D scanner and 3D design software for 3D model development and an infrared thermal camera of monitoring thermal managing materials. Additionally, towards the development and validation of new sets of performant thermoplastic composites, BioG3D is developing an open-materials prototype 3D printer extruder for composite production with tailored fiber placement, enabled by Coaxial Continuous Fiber 3D Printing.