The project aims to address all aspects and stages of thermoplastic and CF reinforced thermoplastic 3D printing material development from recycled resources, starting with the selection of suitable waste streams, strategies for material repair, compatibilization and upgrade towards AM processing, compatibility between different thermoplastic matrices and the reinforcing fibres and nanoparticles, comparative assessment of various AM thermoplastic processing technologies and closed-loop material optimization in terms of processability and performance.

 Within Repair3D project, BioG3D will contribute to the processability assessment of recycled, composite thermoplastics in terms of requirements imposed by thermally-assisted extrusion-based AM. The materials that will be developed within the project will be employed for manufacturing of personalised assistive medical devices with equal or better performance compared to commercially available products produced by virgin (composite) materials and conventional manufacturing methods. BioG3D will also undertake the in vitro assessment of nanocomposite materials to be developed within Repair3D project, that will enhance decision-making throughout the material development and processing activities.