PRecycling aims to solve these complexities related to recycling and upcycling of plastics and develop an easy-to-use methodology for sampling and analysis procedures of recyclates. The outcome of PRecycling will be the establishment of a methodology for recyclate definition, promoting the circularity and safety of plastic materials throughout polymer recycling based on the degradation degree, production and verification of recyclate’s quality, smart traceability solutions and digital information management. The PRecycling aim is to show that ‘waste to product’ transformation is scalable, replicable, traceable, potentially and commercially viable and, most importantly, safe to use. The production of new safe products from recycled materials for home appliances, toys for children and textiles, will form part of a community awareness and a pilot demonstration initiative, showing that high quality, unique materials made from recyclates can find new use, both within the same and new supply chains. These outputs will have practical use and therefore commercial and industrial interest, apart from the significant societal impact. The challenge of changing the ‘waste problem=cost’ for the end-of-life disposer to a ‘re-born product=value’, which is fully recycled and safe, preserving the embedded value as it moves through the whole process, will be faced by the proposed methodology.