M3DLoC project is targeting to establish a hybrid manufacturing process, by combining extrusion-based Additive Manufacturing and inkjet printing with micro-machining and laser processing, in an integrated, modular pilot line, with advanced in-line inspection technologies. This integrated approach allows to link flexible micro-fabrication and multi-material integration, aiming to address current challenges in point-of-care testing molecular diagnostics. The hybrid manufacturing process enables the fabrication of high aspect ratio microfluidic features on polymer substrates with high accuracy and repeatability, while conductive functional components of nanostructured carbon-based electrodes and precise deposition of biomolecules are incorporated by inkjet printing technology with pico-litre dispensing capabilities. The functionality of these devices is evaluated based on their ability to streamline the steps needed to obtain mobility and binding-based identity information in one continuous biochemical detection system.

Within M3DLoC project, BioG3D will contribute to the thermoplastic material development framework and extrusion-based Additive Manufacturing process development. BioG3D will also undertake the in vitro assessment of nanocomposite materials to be developed within M3DLoC project, that will enhance decision-making throughout the material development and processing activities.