BeActive targets the development of personalized medical multi-functional assistive devices exhibiting antibacterial and superhydrophobic properties with a design that suit the anatomical features of each patient and replicate the topographical geography of the human body along with the development of composite thermoplastic materials with advanced functionalities, towards a new generation of patient specific treatment. BeActive project was successfully completed in April 2020.

Within BeActive project, BioG3D is responsible for assistive devices design and manufacturing through Additive Manufacturing technologies, by employing composite filaments from thermoplastic materials with anti-microbial and/or anti-bacterial agents, post-processing through Atmospheric Cold plasma surface treatment and in-vitro assessment of antimicrobial properties. BioG3D employs reverse Engineering to acquire patient’s biometric data and transform them into a custom 3D model and custom generative design algorithms to create complex geometries at multi-scale level, that perfectly fit to patient’s anatomy and offer the exact type of support required during remedy.