Despoina is a Biologist with a MSc in Medicinal Chemistry- Drug Discovery and Design and she is about to receive her PhD in Molecular Pharmacology. Before joining BioG3D she was working as a PhD Candidate in University of Patras focusing on angiogenesis and cancer treatment and diagnosis. She has an excellent experience in biomedical research developing state of art techniques including a large range of in vitro and in vivo assays essential to drive projects on both basic molecular and translational research. She has awarded a scholarship as a research associate and a personal research grant as a PhD Candidate by the State Scholarship Foundation in Greece. She is a co-author in articles in peer-reviewed journals, while at the same time she is a co-inventor in a patent application. Her current research activities focus on in vitro studies, including both toxicity of 3D-printed materials and cytocompatibility of tissue engineered scaffolds for biomedical applications.