Biomedical applications

Our expertise in in vitro studies assists on the manufacturing of safe products, through cell-based assays as a toxicity screening tool. We develop 2D and 3D cell cultures systems, 3D printed scaffolds for tissue engineering and microfluidic devices.

Furthermore, we expand our activities on medical 3D printing such as 3D models for surgery preparation, moulds for implants, personalized orthotic and assistive devices. 

In vitro studies

  • Cytotoxicity & proliferation assays
  • Genotoxicity evaluation
  • Gene profiling by quantitative RT-PCR: stress, toxicity, inflammation and apoptosis
  • Detection of inflammatory factors by ELISA
  • Measurement of oxidative stress
  • Cell morphology characterisation

Medical 3D printing

  • Design & fabrication of 3D-printed moulds for casting implants in a personalized manner
  • 3D surgical planning models
  • Personalized assistive devices: splints, insoles

Tissue engineering

  • 3D printed scaffolds based on hydrogels: bioprinting
  • Nanofibrous scaffolds using natural and synthetic polymeric materials
  • Scaffolds cytocompatibility evaluation

Microfluidic and organ on chip devices

  • Monolithic microfluidic components:
    1. Mixers
    2. Droplet microfluidics
  • Customized on demand microfluidic devices