From inspiration to a unique 3D reality

A story of Generation

BioG3D  is a company with a double field of action,  devoted to Advanced 3D Printing Technologies and Toxicological Assessments of engineered materials in the macro-, micro- and nano-scale.

We are equipped with high quality systems and the necessary skills to construct 3-dimensional objects of any shape and size with increased accuracy and precision either by replicating real objects or by designing a 3D model of your idea. BioG3D is the key partner to assist you on the manufacturing of Safe and Environmentally friendly innovative products, thus facilitating market penetration. Our labs can provide you with an accurate toxicological evaluation based on standards and well-established protocols.

Our team stays always abreast of the recent technological developments in these fields and thereby can provide high quality personalized services to demanding customers and professionals in various industrial sectors.

We are committed towards customer satisfaction, so our efforts focus on the understanding of our clients changing needs and the effective implementation of any project in a cost-effective way.


BioG3D aims to remove barriers towards innovation.


BioG3D expands its research activities by participating in European funded research projects.


BioG3D R&D department works in developing new methods and products.

News and Events

BioG3D as a leading company in the field of 3D printing constantly informs the partners about its activities.


Creation in your hands.