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European Research

BioG3D is involved in a range of EU funded research projects, providing high-quality consulting, designing and 3D printing services as well as delivering to customers innovative solutions for the development of materials based products.


SmartFan. Smart by Design and Intelligent by Architecture for turbine blade fan and structural components systems. SmartFan proposes the development of “smart” material and product architectures, with integrated functionalities, that will interact with their environment and react to stimuli by employing biomimetic, self-sensing, actuating and damage-repairing technologies

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MEDLOC aims at the employment of multi-material 3D printing technologies for the large-scale fabrication of microfluidic MEMS for lab-on-a-chip and sensing applications. The concept is based on the combination of multimaterial direct-ink-writing method and an extrusion-based 3D printing pilot line, in order to fabricate microstructured detection devices with the ability to perform all steps of chemical analysis in an automated fashion

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The aim of Repair3D is to use recycled CFRPs and polymers in order to deliver 3D printed products, demonstrate the circular use of materials through multiple cycles of manufacturing/recycling and provide new ways to repurpose recycled materials with an end goal to minimize plastic and CFRPs waste. Repair3D will push further the readiness of the current technology on 3D printing of CFRPs and CFRPs recycling and re-use. Advances in recycling will increase the recovery rate of polymers up to 40 % and monetary savings from recycling up to 50 %, while decreasing in half the cost of raw materials.



BeActive targets the development of personalized medical multi-functional assistive devices exhibiting antibacterial and superhydrophobic properties with a design that suit the anatomical features of each patient and replicate the topographical geography of the human body along with the development of composite thermoplastic materials with advanced functionalities, towards a new generation of patient specific treatment.