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The experts and creators

BioG3D consists of a multidisciplinary team of engineers and scientists with high expertise in 3D printing systems, Design and 3D Models development, as well as specialists in Biochemical analysis.
Our technical expertise allows us to undertake all stages of manufacturing new materials through an initial idea to a final real product. Our team work in close collaboration with all customers to identify their needs and translate them in effective solutions in a time and cost-effective way.


CEO, Managing Director

George Kroustis has an extensive expertise in electronics and software engineering including also Data Analysis and Database building. He is responsible for   systems, processes and equipment relevant to BioG3D’s needs including software and hardware support. Currently, Georgios is involved in optimizing the 3d printing process; for the case of CPU cooling parts, he considers also their thermal assessment and function programming

Maria Kitsara, PhD

Lead Research Manager

Dr Maria Kitsara is a Materials Engineer with an MSc in polymer science and a PhD in the area of miniaturized biosensors. Prior to joining BioG3D, she worked as a postdoctoral researcher at numerous institutions in Europe focusing on the thematic areas of biosensors, microfluidics, and biomaterials for tissue engineering: DCU in Ireland, IMB-CNM of CSIC in Spain, École Normale Supérieure and Sorbonne University in France. She has contributed in 14 competitive research projects (European and National) and was awarded 3 personal research grants, including a Marie Curie Fellowship. She is acting as an evaluator in the European Commission and as a referee and guest editor in international scientific journals. She is the author of more than 40 peer-reviewed publications including 3 book chapters, and the co-inventor of 3 patents. Her research interests revolve around the development of materials and devices, using micro and nanofabrication, for biomedical applications that include both diseases diagnosis (IVD) and therapy.


Mechanical Engineer

Stratos Kroustis is a BSc Mechanical Engineer with extended expertise in advanced Additive manufacturing technologies. His current ventures focus on 3D printing of pre-defined structures by employing composite filament as well as in component design and 3D model development, considering also environmental aspect. He received his BSc from the Piraeus University of Applied Sciences.His research interest focuses also on overview of Heating Systems with Biomass with special emphasis on features, domestic market and research on new heating technology.


Materials Engineer

Anna Karatza is a Materials engineer with a demonstrated history of working in research laboratories. Skilled in Materials Science and Engineering, stimuli response polymers and nanomaterials synthesis, characterization and application research. She is a strong research professional with a Master’s degree in Materials Science and Technology focused on stimuli response block copolymers as candidates for drug release applications. Her recent research interest focuses on 3D printing technologies of synthetic and natural polymers serving the sector of biological and medical applications.


Materials Scientist

 MSc. Iakovos Gavalas, is a Materials Scientist with an extensive lab experience and strong interest in biomaterials, microfabrication and 3d printing. His scientific and research interest include bioprinting, regenerative medicine, microfluidics and BioMEMS. Skilled in CAD designing, 3D printing and Finite Elements Methods. His current research activites are focused on bioprinting, 3D printing medical assisted devices and composite materials.


Mechanical Engineer

MSc. Panagiotis Zouboulis is a Mechanical Engineer with hands-on experience in numerically controlled machines (CNC) and industrial robotics. His scientific interests include 3d printing techniques for application with various materials and use of robotic manipulators for process automation. He is skilled in mechanical design and reverse engineering. His current research involves developing custom electromechanical systems for additive manufacturing equipment and robotic 3d printing.

External Collaborators


Material Scientist

Eleni Gkartzou holds a BSc in physics and MSc in Materials Science and Technology. Her research interests include the development of advanced engineering materials for Additive Manufacturing and AM process optimization based on application/material-specific criteria. She has been involved in various technical implementation activities related to European-funded projects.



Dr.Constantinos Charitidis is Professor at the School of Chemical Engineer of NTUA, with extensive R&D experience through collaborations with international research centres. He is a referee in international scientific journals, evaluator & scientific advisor of R&D projects, participant in European and National funded R&D projects. His research activity is complemented by over 170 papers in International Journals(150ISI) and Conferences, numerous lectures as an invited speaker and over 2200 citations (h-index 28).